Which Chinking Should I Use?

Perma-chink, Sashco and Weatherall are the leading chinking manufacturers for log homes. Sashco makes Log Jam and Chinker’s Edge. Weatherall produces 1010 and Triple Stretch while Perma-Chink makes Perma-Chink cabin sealant. Selecting the right chinking material depends on what color you like and which manufacturer you or your application contractor prefers. Our job at Mountain Home Building Products is to help provide you the right answers to your difficult log home related questions. Below you will find a brief history for each of the chinking related manufacturers.

Perma-Chink started producing log home finishing products in 1981 with the introduction of a latex chinking. The product was designed to look like old time mortar but had much greater capabilities of stretching and flexing in order to provide a tight seal for new and existing cabins. Permachink soon began to manufacture a complete line of stains, finishes, preservatives and cleaners that were geared specifically for the log cabin market.

Weatherall Company first introduced Weatherall 1010 Chinking to the log industry in 1982. Shortly thereafter they developed a new log finish that was compatible with their chinking. Next they introduced a new type of backer rod which helped them launch the first total log care system.

Finally, Sashco is located in Brighton, CO and has been manufacturing log home chinking, caulking and stain products for the past 30 years. The company was founded by Donald J. Burch in 1936 and originally produced windows but soon evolved into a manufacturer of glaze which eventually led to them producing log home sealants. Sashco is widely recognize for products like Log Jam, Log Builder, Capture and Transformation.

In conclusion, chinking is available in a number of different colors, sizes, textures and price ranges. Special colors are usually available upon request but may take additional manufacturing time. Plan ahead and take advantage of free chinking color charts provided by most log finishing product suppliers.

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