What You Need to Know About Cat Tetanus

Tetanus is a disease that we probably have only heard of every so often. Most people only know of it since we have to have tetanus shots every so often and it is important to have them after having been bitten or wounded by something dirty or rusty. Though people often think of it as a disease caused by animals, animals can get tetanus too. That is why there is such a thing as cat tetanus.

The toxin that causes tetanus comes from a place where there is no oxygen like in a deep wound and if there is a lot of dirt like rust and soil. Cats can easily get wounded by playing around and if their wound gets dirty from soil on the ground, a rusted nail, or from the claw of another cat or animal.

Cats are usually quite immune to tetanus, especially in comparison to humans and horses and most farm animals. Dogs are also quite immune to it as well. But this does not mean that cats cannot get tetanus, and it is important to prevent and cure tetanus should it appear.

The tetanus toxin causes problems in the nervous system since it binds nerves. This can cause the loss of glycine which is important in the movement of the body. Tetanus can cause your cat to have rigid muscles and can even cause spasms as well. In very severe cases, the cat’s respiratory muscles get paralyzed and they cannot breathe without outside help.

If a cat has tetanus, it will also lose its ability to blink because its eyes will become somewhat paralyzed as well. Also, the cat will become more sensitive to light and sound and too much exposure to these things can cause seizures. In advanced stages of cat tetanus, the cat may lose its ability to walk and stay on the floor stiffly.

It is important to get your cat to the vet if you notice these signs of tetanus in it. Also, if you noticed a would one or two weeks before the signs showed up, it will help identify if it is tetanus or not. Vets will be able to diagnose tetanus easily if there is a wound, but if there is none it can be hard to tell what it is.

Should you find out that your cat has tetanus, it is important to get your cat some treatment. Antibiotics like penicillin and other simple antibodies should be able to kill off the tetanus causing toxins. Also, you will need sedatives in case of spasms or seizures. There are also medicines that will help with the sensitivity towards noise and light.

In order to help nurse your cat back to health, it is important to keep it in a darkened room after it has returned from the hospital. They will probably need a liquid diet so that they can eat since tetanus usually causes lockjaw. Soft bedding is also necessary for them to keep comfortable. It can take up to a month, but with medicines and therapy your cat will get over cat tetanus.

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