Use a Sarasota Flat Fee MLS to Sell Your Sarastoa Home

Sarasota Florida is a beautiful place to live. Being a tourist area in Paradise, it offers you everything that you could possibly need in a home location, year-round. From warm weather and beautiful beaches to shopping and dining, Sarasota is a great place to sink in some roots and call home.

Right now is the perfect time to move to the area because we are dealing with a buyers market.

On the flip side, this „buyers market“ makes it very difficult to sell your Sarasota home.

Unfortunately, if you truly want to sell your home in Sarasota you must be listed in the Sarasota MLS (multiple service listings) and to do so you must hire a real estate agent.

While you may think you are saving yourself money by not using a real estate agent, the fact is if you are not listed in MLS the chances are very slim that your house will sell at all. Well over 80% of all houses sold in the United States are listed in MLS.

And, in most cases, if you use a real estate agent you will have to pay out a commission of 6% of the selling price (3% to the buying agent and 3% to the selling agent). This can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, there is a better way…a way that can save you thousands of dollars yet still have your house listed in MLS.

The answer is to use a Sarasota flat fee MLS.

By using a Sarasota flat fee MLS, you will save yourself money as you will be paying, a one-time flat fee to sell your home instead of a much higher percentage commission. This is appealing to many people as it still gives them the ability to use the MLS services of a real estate agent, but save thousands of dollars in commissions.

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