St Lucia Real Estate Tips: 3 Great Locations to Buy an Investment Property

St Lucia real estate offers many opportunities for people who want to invest in the rental market. Buying a property for long term leasing requires careful consideration. In order to ensure that your property has a high occupancy, you must purchase in the right location. Investing in an area for which there is a high demand will make your life as a landlord profitable and fulfilling! Here are my 3 top choices of locations for purchasing St Lucia real estate for long-term renting.


Corinth, located in the district of Gros Islet, is a great location to buy a rental property. It is right in the middle Castries and Rodney Bay, the 2 main commercial centers in St Lucia. This makes it an extremely convenient housing location for the thousands of people who work in these towns. Being 10 minutes from Rodney Bay is particularly appealing for many renters as this is a lively, hip and fast developing part of St Lucia.

Corinth has many facilities for residents including a gym, supermarket and a secondary school. These are very appealing to renters and increase the desirability of the area. The location is also home to numerous small businesses as well as large corporate enterprises such as LIME. There is therefore always a strong demand for apartments in Corinth.


Tapion, located along the southern border of Castries harbor is appealing by virtue of its beauty alone. It is a very scenic area with views of the harbor and Caribbean Sea. From here, cruise ships entering and leaving Castries are an impressive sight! This sea side neighborhood, with its constant breezes, is great for taking morning or evening walks. Tapion also has a small beach used mainly by residents.

Only 5 minutes from the center of Castries, Tapion is a very appealing location for people who work in the city. The area is also home to many well established institutions such as the Tapion Hospital, St Lucia School of Music, Police Training Academy and Tapion School. Doctors, nurses, teaches and civil servants therefore provide a steady demand for apartments in the area.


The community of Beausejour is a relatively new frontier in St Lucia real estate. The neighborhood sprang to life with the establishment of the Beausejour Cricket Stadium in 2002 – one of the most modern cricket stadia in the Caribbean. The construction of the stadium opened up a previously virgin part of St Lucia. Numerous housing projects later, Beausejour is now an extremely desirable residential area in the north of the island.

Beausejour is only 5 minutes from the town of Gros Islet – a legendary night life hot spot. Rodney Bay is also a short drive away. This means residents of Beausejour have quick and easy access to some of the best amenities the island has to offer. The Pigeon Point and Reduit beaches are also within proximity of Beausejour. This is a lively, up and coming area with a steady flow of demand for rental apartments.

If wisely chosen, an investment in St Lucia real estate will reap financial rewards. The first step is choosing a location that will ensure a high ROI. Residential areas close to urban centers are in high demand for people seeking apartments for rent. This is usually a great place to start if you want to invest in an apartment building.

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Top 4 Things You Need To Know Before Selling A Home

It goes without saying, that selling a house is a major financial transaction that will significantly impact your economic health for many years to come. This is the reason why it’s imperative to ensure you understand what needs to be done to make a quick and lucrative sale. Besides, home buyers are looking for the best, so a home for sale by owner can easily slip through the cracks if it is not in tip-top condition and is not advertised properly. Whether you are a seasoned home selling veteran or a first time home seller, the process of selling a home will inevitably be challenging and complex.

Nonetheless, with a little know-how, you will be able to sell your home in no time. Listed below are four important things you need to know before selling a home.

1. Set a reasonable asking price- Properly pricing a home for sale is one of the most, if not the most, important parts of selling a house. Besides, if you overprice your house it either won’t sell, or it will take much longer to sell than it should. Home buyers are streetwise and know immediately when a home for sale is overpriced. Consecutively, you should always ask for a price that’s realistic which can bring you buyers instead of overcharging and turning off many potential buyers.

2. Make your first impression count- In today’s highly competitive market, first impressions are everything if you want to sell your house fast and for the highest possible price. Furthermore, do your best to make sure your home looks as inviting as possible. Besides, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to tidy up the garden, cut the grass and plant a few flowers.

3. Advertise your property online- With the advent of the Internet, more and more people are searching for houses for sale online. It is therefore vitally important that you advertise your house on as many of the major property web portals as possible. Furthermore, while listing your house online, make sure you provide relevant photos of the interior as well as exterior of your home. Besides, attractive display pictures and detailed description makes your chances better for a higher volume of relevant responses.

4. De-clutter your home- Before showing your house to the buyers, make sure you thoroughly clean your house and de-clutter it of any unused or extra articles. Also, organize your wardrobes and other storage spaces and try to highlight more empty space. Any home buyer would notice available storage spaces in the home, as they are one of the important segments of the home.

While these were some of the things you need to know before selling your house, there are many others, such as clear your dues, depersonalize your space, inspect the house among many others.

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5 Ways to Find Apartments for Rent

Finding the right apartment or home to rent can be difficult and stressful. You can be competing with many others for a quality unit in a prime location.

The secret, real estate brokers say, is to plan ahead. Often renters will wait until the last minute to look for another apartment. However, when renters are in a hurry they tend to take apartments they don’t really want.

Here are a few tips for finding the best rental homes and apartments in your area.

1. Start your search 60 days before your move

The best rentals, in terms of price, location and amenities, go earlier in the month, so don’t wait until midmonth to look for a new place to live, Macon says. It’s best to start searching 60 days before you need to move, especially if you are looking for a rental property where there isn’t as much available.

The second and third weekends of the month tend to be the busiest. If you start your search the first weekend of the month, there will be less competition and the best properties will still be available.

2. Search for rental listings online

About 90% of renters will start apartment hunting on the web. Looking online is a good way to start your search. You can get a sense of pricing and apartment amenities. However, if you’re moving to a new city, apartment rental sites won’t tell you enough about neighborhoods and the local amenities of each, such as public transportation or grocery stores.

3. Use a real estate broker

In most cases, real estate brokers are available to help renters find properties free of charge. The key is to find a broker who specializes in rental properties, not home sales.

If you’re looking in areas where there is generally tight competition for apartments, you’ll want to talk with a number of real estate agents before committing to one because different agents have different relationships with different buildings. Make sure you are talking with an agent who has access to the apartment buildings in neighborhoods where you want to rent.

4. Don’t be fooled by scams

Be aware of online scams, particularly ads on Craigslist that require you to provide your credit card to pay a deposit fee to be shown the apartment. No one should require a deposit to show you an apartment.

Also, be careful if you are renting an apartment directly from a private person because you will be giving a total stranger your Social Security number and your bank account information, and they will likely run a credit check on you. It’s safer to work with a licensed and bonded real estate broker.

5. Consider roommates

If you’re considering sharing an apartment, make sure you know who your roommates will be and consider asking the landlord for separate leases. If you have a joint lease and the rent is $2,000 a month, you are liable for the entire amount if your roommates don’t pay their share, Macon says. But if you have a separate lease, you’re liable only for your portion of the rent.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references if you don’t know your roommates. You can also use social media – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – to find out more about them.

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Hair Bow Business: 11 Tips to Start Selling Hair Bows

1) Caution! Don’t Start Online“…“Yet: Everyone wants to sell on the internet as it opens your business up to the entire world. Many people try to immediately start selling online via a website only to find out they make very few sales. Why? No one is finding their site. Selling online is great, but it can take time to get sites set up or traffic to your site. Simply put, starting a website will get you nowhere if you don’t get traffic to see it. There are lots of variables in getting your website noticed by Google but we will save that for a later article. Easier ways to begin selling online are by listing your bows on eBay or Etsy. Both of these sites allow a beginner to showcase their products with ease. If your product is priced competitively and you have good pictures to display, you should be able to start selling right away via these sites.

2) Local Business Marketing: We recommend this as one of the best ways to start selling your hair bows and ribbon products. This is why we listed it as the first „do“ item. Many people try to immediately start selling online via a website. Selling online is great, but it can take time to get sites set up or traffic to your site. To get off to a quick start, focus your efforts initially on your local market. Find local boutiques and children’s stores and drop by with examples of your products. Be sure to have an idea of how you both will benefit from working together. You can sell your bows at a wholesale price or work out a commission for the store if they agree to sell your hair bows. Get in touch with the local schools cheer leading and dance teams. Consider creating school fundraisers and doing „hair bow parties“. Hair Salons are also great avenues to sell your bows. Finally, do what we did starting out and sell at some nearby community craft shows or public events where a booth can be purchased.

3) Social Networks: Facebook and Twitter and similar networking sites are the rage these days. Don’t forget to use these sites to market your business. Learn the options of each type of site and focus your efforts on getting followers by posting great relevant posts. Use these sites to show pictures of your creations and post bow ideas to your followers. Announcing promotions and sales are a must on social networks.

4) Blogs: There are lots of Blogging sites you can use. Blogger and Word Press are two popular options where you can easily create a blog for your business. Post pictures and write about your products. Come up with creative designs that will catch the eyes of your readers. Make sure you link your blog to your website which can help drive sales

5) eBay and Etsy: Rather than starting with a website, start generating business online with eBay or Etsy. These sites already have huge amounts of shoppers and you can list your bows here for a small fee. Both of these sites allow a beginner to showcase their products easily and effectively. Key points to selling via these sites: price your hair bows competitively and use good pictures and descriptions. Once you have developed a good number of sales through these sites, it may be time to consider starting your own branded website.

6) Starting Your Own Website: We started our first website at WahmShoppes. For $8 per month, you can open your very own e-commerce store. Customize the look of your store by using any of their various templates. It takes time to start getting web traffic organically. If your budget permits, Google Ad words is an immediate way to start driving traffic to your website. With Ad words, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Be careful as it can be quite expensive, especially if people are just clicking and not buying. Gaining traffic organically is a whole subject to itself but make sure you submit your site to the search engines and to some online directories to start. To take online payments, we suggest using PayPal and/or Google Checkout to save on monthly merchant account fees until your volume may dictate a merchant account will pay for itself.

7) Ribbon Suppliers: If you are going to sell hair bows, you are going to need lots of ribbon. Sure you can go to Wal-mart or Hobby Lobby but generally the selection will be less and the prices will be higher versus finding a niche online store that serves the hair bow industry. Look for a company carrying abundant variety, quality products, great pricing, excellent customer service and ships promptly. You want to build a long-term relationship with your supplier and these points mentioned are key to your sanity and success. Be sure you can get color cards from your suppliers so you can accurately match multiple colors on the bows you create with real samples. Don’t rely on images on a computer monitor for color matching. Let your customers use the cards to pick out their colors for a custom bow made to their specifications. Do a web search on a search engine for „hair bow supplies“ to come up with a list of good suppliers.

8) Hair bow Templates: Save yourself lots of time and frustration. Use hair bow templates! Create a consistent bow size every time and eliminate your grosgrain ribbon waste by using a template. By doing a search online for „hair bow templates“ you will find several retailers offering templates you can purchase online.

9) Hair bow Instructions: There are so many different types of hair bows you will never learn them all. Many sites sell instructions but others offer them for free. Search around on Google and even EzineArticles to find an abundance of free instructions. If you prefer video tutorials, check out YouTube for some excellent videos to view.

10) Shipping: The goal of every business is to get to the point where they have so much business they can’t keep up. When we got to this point we purchased a shipping tool called Ship Rush. This program ties your computer and electronic scale together and allows you to click and copy the customer information right off the email or customer receipt. It then quickly prints out a custom shipping label for the US Post Office or UPS without you having to type in any address information. Trust me, it will become a huge time and money saver as your business grows if you ship out a lot of packages.

11) Financial Software: The number one reason businesses fail is by failing to understand and manage their finances correctly. Your business finances must stay organized and your cash flow needs to be handled carefully. With money coming in and out constantly, this can quickly become a real challenge. Using accounting software such as Quicken or QuickBooks can keep your finances organized. Talk to your CPA to see what they recommend.

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How To Hypnotize Her Into Wanting You Through Simple Text Messages

If you understand the structure of human emotions, it becomes to engineer them. Of course, this is neither good nor bad. Just because you can build something doesn’t mean it’s going to be good or evil. You can build a hospital, or you can build a torture chamber.

Both would use the same tools and engineering techniques.

Keep that in mind when putting the tips in this article to use. They are very powerful, and based on the incredibly irresistible subconscious power of hypnosis.

First, let’s discuss love and attraction. For a guy to feel attraction, she’s gotta be hot. Easy. Takes less than a second. For a guy to fall in love, it takes a little longer. Maybe two seconds.

But for girls, it’s different. Why? Mathematics. Guys have billions of sperm. It doesn’t matter if we miss with a couple.

Girls, on the other hand, only have so many eggs. And when one gets fertilized, she’s out of commission for a few years. Naturally, she’s been programmed by DNA, mother nature, and evolution to be extremely picky, on an unconscious level, who she falls in love with.

The good news is that you can use some simple techniques to put the whole process on the fast track.

For a girl to fall in love with you, she’s got to convince herself that you’re a good partner. This means she’s got to be thinking about you, on her own, when you’re not around.

How do you get her to do that?

With texts.

Most guys use texts completely wrong. They use them to get approval, to arrange hook ups, to set time and places, and send cute texts back and forth.

This is wasting a huge opportunity.

Instead, consider only sending her one text every couple of days. And make sure that text is no more than a few words.


Remember, the purpose is to get her thinking about you. If you text her every five seconds asking if she still likes you, she’ll be thinking about you all right, but not in the way you want her to. She’ll be wondering why you won’t leave her the heck alone.

On the other hand, if you send her short, mysterious texts every couple days or so, she won’t be able to help thinking about you. Wondering what that text meant. She’ll text you back, asking you what you meant, but never, ever answer it.

Remember, your job is to get her thinking of you, not to spark a conversation.

Naturally, this is best used in tangent when your dating her once or twice a week.

It goes like this. She sees you, and has a good time. Then she gets a mysterious text from you, which pretty much forces her to think about you.

Then she sees you again, (where you definitely DO NOT explain your texts) where she again has a good time. Then she gets another text from you, increasing her tendency to think about you, which will increase her interest.

Instead of maybe falling love with you in a couple of months, she’ll positively fall hard for you in a couple of weeks.

How you use that is up to you.

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A Review of "Barry and ‚the Boys’"

The book that is the subject of this review is Daniel Hopsicker’s Barry and „The Boys:“ The CIA, the Mob, and America’s Secret History. Hopsicker originally published it in 2001 and updated it in 2006, adding more information in an Introduction and tying this book in with his most recent work. The book’s subtitle neatly explains the subject matter, although many more issues are examined through their relationships with the infamous drug smuggler Barry Seal.

In fact, the sheer number of issues, events, and people that Hopsicker touches on makes it a very daunting task to attempt to review the book. From before World War II, to the Bay of Pigs, to Vietnam, Iran-Contra, Mena, Arkansas, and our current administration, Hopsicker ties together some of the more notable names that have been involved in both the public history of America and the „secret history.“ Being unfamiliar with some of the subject matter, this review will focus more on the style and mechanics of the book, rather than most of the actual content.

As a summary of the work, though, the book focuses heavily on the life of Barry Seal, whom Hopsicker calls „the biggest drug smuggler in American history, who died in a hail of bullets with George Bush’s private phone number in his wallet.“ Through his relationship with various military-intelligence personnel, and as a CIA employee and pilot, Seal played a part or knew the main participants in nearly every major event in recent American history. He attended a summer camp for the Baton Rouge Civil Air Patrol with Lee Harvey Oswald, and is suggested to have flown a getaway plane out of Dallas on the day of the Kennedy Assassination, for instance. Seal was also heavily involved in flying drugs into the country during the time of the Iran-Contra events, and his plane ended up in the possession of George W. Bush after his death. In the 380-page book, though, these issues are examined in depth, along with dozens of other events.

The sources for the book seem to be mainly interviews that Hopsicker or his associates conducted, and most of them relate to various aspects of the secret history or the life of Barry Seal. This makes the book a great primary source, and there are very few anonymous sources providing information. Seal’s wife is interviewed, along with high school friends, coworkers, and government employees. As issues come up, Hopsicker introduces a player and his or her role, and relates the event back and forth to other events, reminding the reader of the relevance of what has come before and what will come later. This helps casual readers (such as this reviewer) keep all of the names and places a little bit straighter, since the same names seem to keep appearing in various places and times.

The writing style itself is quite easy to read and a bit casual, compared with other books of a similar nature. Hopsicker is very much a part of the story, as he and his researchers attempt to put together the complete picture of the events that surrounded Barry Seal. With each interview and new name added to the mix, the picture becomes more clear, chapter by chapter, until the book traces a single unbroken line through over sixty years of history involving covert wars, drug smuggling, bipartisan political corruption, and various shell corporations and financial intrigues.

Obviously, the author ran into some legal issues with the publication of the book, though, as one chapter is filled with blacked-out, redacted material. Nearly every name is unreadable for an entire chapter while Hopsicker traces the evolution of one of the shell companies mentioned in the book. This detracts slightly from the readability of the material, and it seems that previous versions were missing the chapter completely, which is unfortunate, but the material in the chapter does not seem central to Hopsicker’s main thesis. Of course, this is hard to tell for sure with so much cut out, but the names mentioned in the chapter are not repeated throughout the book, as there are few other blackouts in the remaining thirty-seven chapters.

A 60-page Appendix at the end of the book contains numerous pictures from the life of Barry Seal, as well as documents from his personal records. These provide a treasure trove of resources to browse through to learn more the various issues that Hopsicker examines, especially the trail of ownership of Seal’s planes that were used to smuggle drugs. Following the trail of shell corporations set up simply to shield the true owner of the planes is one of the more tangled yet enlightening portions of the book, and the Appendix explains more of these details with the use of the actual source documents.

A final useful aspect of the book is that Hopsicker has obviously read much about the subject matter he aims to tackle, and provides other recommendations of books that followed the track. Some of these authors, such as Alfred McCoy and Peter Dale Scott, are well-known and respected, and their works provide additional avenues of research for the reader of Barry and „The Boys“. By attempting to add to the information already available from other sources, Hopsicker is able to build on these works and provide his own contributions, rather than simply offering a summary of other works.

Barry and „the Boys“ may provide an ideal introduction into the topic of the secret history of America’s involvement in covert wars and drugs, and it is certainly a work to be referred to and read more than once. In fact, as more of the names connected to Seal appear again and again (as they have even since the book was originally published in 2001), the work is more important than ever. As Hopsicker states numerous times in the book, it’s a „Small world,“ and it seems that everyone knows everyone else sometimes, except the general public who knows no one and is told as little as possible. Seal, as a tragic figure who rose to the heights of power in the covert world, met his end when he grew a little too big for his own britches and decided to „talk.“ Hopefully Hopsicker will be given the opportunity to speak more of the truth as well, as he is saying some important things in this book.

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Which Chinking Should I Use?

Perma-chink, Sashco and Weatherall are the leading chinking manufacturers for log homes. Sashco makes Log Jam and Chinker’s Edge. Weatherall produces 1010 and Triple Stretch while Perma-Chink makes Perma-Chink cabin sealant. Selecting the right chinking material depends on what color you like and which manufacturer you or your application contractor prefers. Our job at Mountain Home Building Products is to help provide you the right answers to your difficult log home related questions. Below you will find a brief history for each of the chinking related manufacturers.

Perma-Chink started producing log home finishing products in 1981 with the introduction of a latex chinking. The product was designed to look like old time mortar but had much greater capabilities of stretching and flexing in order to provide a tight seal for new and existing cabins. Permachink soon began to manufacture a complete line of stains, finishes, preservatives and cleaners that were geared specifically for the log cabin market.

Weatherall Company first introduced Weatherall 1010 Chinking to the log industry in 1982. Shortly thereafter they developed a new log finish that was compatible with their chinking. Next they introduced a new type of backer rod which helped them launch the first total log care system.

Finally, Sashco is located in Brighton, CO and has been manufacturing log home chinking, caulking and stain products for the past 30 years. The company was founded by Donald J. Burch in 1936 and originally produced windows but soon evolved into a manufacturer of glaze which eventually led to them producing log home sealants. Sashco is widely recognize for products like Log Jam, Log Builder, Capture and Transformation.

In conclusion, chinking is available in a number of different colors, sizes, textures and price ranges. Special colors are usually available upon request but may take additional manufacturing time. Plan ahead and take advantage of free chinking color charts provided by most log finishing product suppliers.

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Real Estate 101 – How to Find Your Realtor

„Buying a new home, especially if it’s your first home, is not an easy thing to do. There’s new terminology to learn, an entire process to follow and a large number of decisions to make. That’s why almost everyone who buys a home works with professionals in the field to make sure that they get a good deal on a good home without too much of a headache. The most important person in the team of professionals that you’ll want as a home buyer is your realtor. But how do you go about finding a good realtor?

Here are some of the top ways that successful home buyers find good realtors:

1) Word-of-mouth. Often, the best way to get a good realtor is to start asking everyone you know if they know of a good realtor. You’ve probably gotten other professional help this way (everyone’s always asking if you know of a good dentist, right?) Of course, you shouldn’t just jump into bed with the first realtor who gets referred to you – your Aunt Sally’s blind elderly neighbor that talks to his cat might come with her referral but he might not be able to meet your home buying needs. But good word-of-mouth referrals are a great starting point for finding a good realtor.

2) Look at the ads in real estate magazines. A picture is worth a thousand words right? If someone is invested enough to get a good professional picture and take the time to advertise in key locations, he probably cares a lot about his real estate business. And that means he’s got a good chance of being a dedicated realtor. It doesn’t hurt to search the ads to see who is out there and to make an appointment to meet with some people.

3) Make use of your search engine. You can do a whole lot of research into local realtors by typing your information request into your search engine. Review some realtor websites and look for positive reviews of realtors in your area to help you find a good realtor.

4) Put together a list of interview questions and don’t be afraid to interview a number of different realtors until you find the one that you want to work with. Yes, you might be seen as a pesky client but if a realtor wants your business, she’s going to work hard to get it which means she’ll fully answer the questions that you have. Things you’ll want to know include the length of time she’s been in business, how well she knows the area that you’re interested in buying a home in and what she’s going to do to help you understand the home buying process.

If you find a good realtor, the rest of the home buying process should go relatively smoothly. Yes, you’ll still have decisions to make but you’ll have a professional real estate agent there to help you with those decisions. And you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that the hard part is over. Well, at least until it’s time to start moving in!“

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More About Paige Texas

Tucked up in the north east corner of Bastrop County almost to the Lee County line is the sleepy little „burb“ of Paige. The elevation is approx. 535′, the weather is moderate year round. The school system is Bastrop ISD and depending on where you live kids might attend Lost Pines Elementary, Bastrop Middle School or Bastrop High school. Paige proper is not much bigger than a total of 18 blocks and as is typical of small Texas towns there are still some beautiful old vintage/historic homes and buildings still standing or still in use. The area surrounding Paige is a mix of rural residential properties and farm and ranch land. Horse enthusiasts covet the sandy loam soil that can be found in parts of Paige such as out Old Potato Road, or Old Pin Oak, or Antiock and Cardinal Roads.

Paige was established in 1872 along the Houston and Texas Central Rail. The old abandoned rail line is still there which runs along side parts of Old Highway 20 and would make a great section of „Rails for Trails“ as it is not in use at all now. Paige was named after one of the civil engineers that worked on the railway. There was a rail station in Paige up until 1876 and then it was moved to its present location approximately 3 miles to the east. There is a volunteer fire department which was established in 1982 along with the Paige Community Center, and Paige has had a Post Office in town since1874. In those days the majority of the population was of German heritage as was much of the Central Texas area. The population of Paige has fluctuated over the years. In the late 1880’s the town was said to have had a population of 500. Back then the Paige rail station was a shipping point for livestock such as cattle and hogs. Local industry included a pickle, creamery, and broom factory. Today some of the local businesses include The Old Frontier Store which is on Highway 290 and has a little bit of everything to offer from groceries to a meat counter to a small deli/diner, and Yarnorama a yarn and fiber shop.

Paige is approx. 40 miles outside of Austin on Highway 290. Bastrop is 14 miles away on Highway 21, and has just about everything anyone could want or need with coffee shops, two feed stores, box stores such as Home Depot and Lowes on the way, great restaurants, a movie house and bowling alley. About half way to Bastrop from Paige on Highway 21 is Lake Bastrop which offers campgrounds, swim beaches, boat rental and boat launch on both the north and south shores. If you decide to head to Smithville, the town where the movie Hope Floats was filmed is just less than 13 miles on FM 2104. Just before you get to Smithville on the west side of the road you will find Buecher State Park and Lake. If it is the coast you crave you can get to the Gulf in just under two hours from Paige. Circle D, Pioneer Pines Farms, Pine Valley and Pine Tree Cattle Ranch are just a few of the subdivisions that fall in the Paige area that offer rural residential living in the ‚lost pines“ of Bastrop County. The Paige area is also full of wonderful ranches and recreational properties (great for hunting) and periodically they do come on the market.

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Source by Curtis Reddehase

Commercial Property Management Handover Check-List Advantages

When a new property manager takes over the management of property for a client, they should take full and professional control using a handover strategy and process. Every property will have its challenges and some are quite complex.

The handover process will by necessity cover all current issues in the property plus the history of occupancy and financial performance. If the property is large and contains many tenants then the process is time consuming. A checklist will help you stay on track and remain accurate.

So how do you start with all of this? Here are some things to help you get started and put into a handover checklist. This will help you in bringing new clients and properties into your brokerage portfolio. You can add to this list the area factors and things that you know are important to the property type:

  1. Interview the previous property manager about the property and the tenants. If possible do an audio recording of the process on your cell phone or MP3 recorder. The information from the interview will be highly valuable as you proceed in managing the property into the future.
  2. Get a copy of the tenancy schedule. Whilst you must not regard it as accurate (because you have not checked it yet), it will give you something to work with. Always remember that the tenancy schedule is only as good as the person that has given it to you. In a handover process the accuracy that you are hoping for may not be there.
  3. You will need copies of leases to check against the tenancy schedule. When you have lots of tenants in a property, you will have many leases to check, plus other occupancy documentation. It requires personal involvement. Every lease should be read and checked. Potentially every lease can be different and special. You will need to understand the differences and get them into your property management control system
  4. Get copies of rent invoices that are current. The rent invoices should be checked for correct rents and that should be compared to the leases in the property. Also watch out for rent changes and critical dates from those leases that will have an impact on the rent.
  5. Check arrears and aged debtors reports so you know the status of rent actions and recoveries.
  6. Get an up to date tenant contact list so you know who to talk to in the tenant mix and how to reach them.
  7. Get an outgoings status report and an up-to-date expenditure report. That will give you an idea of just how expensive the property is to run when compared to others of a similar type in the same area.

So now that you have all of the basic property information it is a matter of going over the information and ensuring that you understand the factors and pressures. You can then inspect the property with some confidence.

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Source by John Highman

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