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We are a full-service real estate company offering the most comprehensive real estate services available in the market, and we go the extra mile to assist our clients on a daily basis. We work tirelessly on your behalf to make your next buying or selling experience a pleasant and successful one.

Our services include working with both buyers and sellers in a wide array of markets including residential, commercial, land, and other related property types.

Our company is dedicated to serving your every real estate needs. We are committed to providing a superior level of service in order to ensure a smooth and beneficial outcome to each and every transaction.






Our team maintain exceptional knowledge of the local markets, outstanding negotiating skills, and the experience necessary to give you the service you deserve. Professionalism, dedication, and knowledge make us the perfect choice when selecting a realtor.

We provide outstanding exposure to your property through both traditional means of advertising while maintaining a comprehensive approach using today’s modern techniques including web advertising.

We will work with you to find your ideal home by using a wide array of resources and we will make sure all your buying needs are met.

we will utilise our outstanding negotiating skills in order for you to receive the best possible price for your new property. We look forward to serving all your buying needs.

Buying or selling your home will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience when you work with Kargil Properties and their innovative and effective methods for generating successful results quickly and efficiently.

A Commitment to Excellence

Our Firm’s philosophy is simple – we understand and care about people who ask for our real estate service. We make a commitment to your entire family. We find homes for families – homes and neighbourhoods that meet our clients‘ dreams and desires. We sell homes for families at the highest fair market value possible. That’s the reason our clients return again and again.

If you would like to consider us to fulfil your real estate needs, please fill out the following form below. This will help us to understand your specific real estate needs.

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Owner And Director Of Kargil Properties:Mr. Sanat Thakur is an Ex- Army person, Motivational Speaker, NLP certified Trainer& Life coach, Successful Entrepreneur.

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Source by Megha Kadam

Playa Del Carmen Real Estate – Beachfront Retirement, on a Budget

Do you think that you can’t afford to retire on the beachfront? If so, consider this; the Riviera Maya, the stretch of beautiful beachfront communities starting at Cancun, going down past Playa del Carmen, and finally reaching Tulum, provides many properties for sale of all types, sizes, shapes and prices. Besides falling into various different budgets, many of these have the potential to be used for income purposes or, with time and planning, can be acquired at a much lower price than expected, helping to prepare you for a comfortable retirement.

One of the best ways to prepare for retirement is to buy a property which can serve a vacation home, and be rented to tourists while not in use, providing an income. Cancun Real Estate and Playa del Carmen Real Estate include condos and villas which are in high demand locations for vacationers. It has already been proven a financially sound option to invest in this way. Property management companies make it easy for buyers planning ahead for retirement to rent out their future home. This rental income can balance the expenses of ownership, and provide some extra savings. This option is ideal for those who have slightly more funds available now, but want to see those go a far as possible.

Another way to plan for a financially sound retirement is a land purchase. While Cancun and Playa del Carmen provide excellent land options, Tulum Real Estate in particular currently provides many land purchase options, at relatively accessible prices. This is especially an excellent option if are buying with time to build the home of your dreams near one of the world’s most beautiful beaches during the years that you prepare for retirement. This is a great idea if you have a specific idea in mind of what style you would like for your home, and you want to invest into in stages.

Another option is the „fixer upper.“ A Playa del Carmen or Tulum home in not 100% condition can often be bought for a considerably lower price than the area’s typical market value. With time, dedication, and a small amount of funds available the right „fixer upper“ can be converted into a perfect beachfront home. If you’re a handyman who likes to save money and see great results at the end, this is the choice for you.

Each of these options will allow you to own an excellent property on the Riviera Maya at a considerably lower cost than you might expect; the property can be entirely paid for and ready to enjoy and relax by the time retirement comes.

You can consider which option is most suitable for your financial situation, the time you have available, and the type of property you would like to have for retirement. Do some research on internet MLS listing pages, then, contact an experienced, reliable broker to have them help you search for select, and complete the buying process for that idea home for your retirement on the beach.

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Source by Thomas Luis Lloyd

Property For Sale in Cyprus – Your Dream Home

Cyprus is situated in the Mediterranean, and near to Turkey. Cyprus is a perfect location for a retirement or a holiday home or even a primary home since it offers a rich culture and history.

There is a lot of property for sale in Cyprus in regions like in Paphos, Larnaca or Limmasol. Each of the regions is splendid and proposes a lot of opportunities for a quiet living, entertainment and just outstanding life. The gentle, Mediterranean weather also makes Cyprus a great option for relocation.

Limassol one of the largest cities in Cyprus and a central region for services and attractions like museums and parks. A major harbor, yacht and boat lovers will enjoy the region, since it is getting a new marina. The Wine Festival in Limassol provides vacationers and residents with the chance to taste a few of the best wines in Cyprus. The renowned Limassol Carnival goes back to pagan rituals, however today’s more contemporary flair provides entertaining and celebrations over a ten day period. This carnival is loved by family since it has masquerades contest for the children.

Larnaca is another breathtaking venue as well as an outstanding seaport. The airport just a few kilometers away, making it a convenient location to discover property for sale in Cyprus. Apart from that, the region is full of ancient history. Ayia Phaneromeni the underground chapel, believed to be a pagan grave site going back to the era of the Phoenicians. Lazarus; the brother of Mary and Martha’s who was magnificently raised from the dead is buried beneath the Church of Lazarus in a tomb. Larnaca is also a great place for sports, music, and fine art.

There is a lot of property for sale in Paphos where the renowned Aphrodite’s Rock is situated. Rich in ancient and traditional knowledge as well as contemporary amenities like golf courses, Paphos has something to give just about everyone. It is a great tourist attraction.

Types of Property for Sale in Cyprus

Studios constitute the most of the bank of properties available in the range of £80,000 or less with most of these properties on the resale market. The east coast provides lower property prices than the west coast. A newly completed studio apartment with parking and common pool that is just a few minutes away from the beach, or a 15- 20 minutes drive from the heart of Larnaca, has a resale price tag in the range of £60,000.

Going inland, property in Nicosia city the capital of Cyprus, have higher property values, although by selecting to purchase property in the suburban area it is still possible to get a bargain. If a beautiful location is high on your list, there is no better place than the north-west area of the island. This area loved by both Nicosians looking for a place to get away and British property buyers wanting a piece of the old Cyprus.

The outskirts of Polis are just as attractive for buyers on a budget, with the village of Prodromi being a great example. This village has its very own collection of shops and restaurants. Townhouses or one-bedroom apartments are some of the property for sale in this region.

Similarly convenient properties, both newly constructed and fully refurbished, are a lot harder to find on an £80,000 budget. So there are several who think that for best investment payoffs, property buyers need to consider a wider range of prospects than the first purchasing cost. Purchasing a property abroad is a really important financial decision and buyers need to keep this in mind along with other key criteria in selecting the most appropriate and desirable property. I think that in Cyprus the cheap properties will turn into a smaller demand when property buyers recognize the investment prospective of their buy. Buyers now understand that inexpensive Cyprus property provides a greater future rewards and return on investments.

Cyprus is the home to a few of the most exquisite properties for sale. There are beautiful, contemporary villas with a lot of windows to enjoy the outstanding sky blue waters of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. In addition to, the numerous amounts of captivating and fascinating town homes, studio apartments and smaller villas.

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Source by Richard Rafferty

Freehold or Leasehold Condo?

When you want to own a property in Singapore, it is important to note if the property you are buying a freehold or leasehold. The main difference is the legal ownership of the property.


A freehold property means that the buyer owns the condo and the title deed of it. The buyer will only pay the mortgage and not a monthly rent. Freehold condos are more expensive than leasehold ones as you own the property for as long as you want.


There are several types of leasehold properties in Singapore – 99-, 999- or 103- years. After the lease expires, the legal ownership of the property will go back to the government. However, the main advantage of this is that the price of the property is often cheaper than the freehold one.

If your intention of buying a condo is stay in it for at least ten to twenty years, you might like to consider a freehold condo. This will ensure that the value of the condo will not depreciate in value the longer you stay. You can also leave it for your children when you grow old.

If you are mainly interested in capital appreciation and will be selling off the condo in just a few years, you might be better off buying the leasehold condo since the outlay of initial capital is lesser allowing a greater leverage.

Last but not least, always plan ahead and make sure you have holding power when prices start to go south if you are starting off with a small capital.

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Source by Candice Loh

Real Estate Power Hour – Minimum Requirements For Your Listing Agent

When hiring a REALTOR to list your home, you should ensure he will do more than put a sign on the yard and list your house in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This article will address a list of activities a home seller should require his listing agent to perform.

  1. Install appropriate signage at the property. This includes the sign in the yard. But in some cases should also include additional signs. For example, if property is located in a remote place, at the end of a dirty road, or in a gated community, the REALTOR should consider installing an additional sign in a major street pointing to the property. Also if property’s backyard faces a street, the REALTOR should consider installing a sign on the back or side wall of the property.
  2. Create an attractive property flier with multiple pictures, key features, description of the property, and price. Fliers should be printed in color and made available inside the property and at the post in front of the property.
  3. Install an electronic lockbox that will log and track all agents that have visited the property. REALTORS should avoid using mechanical lockboxes because they are not as secure as the electronic ones; and because they don’t track everybody that have been to the property.
  4. Market property to people renting homes and/or apartments in the same neighborhood. Local tenants are usually interested in local properties.
  5. Market the property to local homeowners. REALTORS should attempt to engage neighbors in the selling process. Local homeowners may have family members, colleagues, or friends that are looking to buy in the same area. They are typically motivated to talk about the properties for sale in their neighborhood.
  6. Contact on a daily basis all the REALTORS that have shown the property to check on interest and obtain feedback. This must be done within 24 hours of the showing to ensure the REALTOR have a clear recollection of the property and can provide accurate and specific feedback. Also, sometimes buyers may have an objection to the property that can be easily resolved by the seller. REALTORS should strive to obtain the feedback as soon as possible and address any objections that can be resolved.
  7. Perform open houses on a regular basis. The frequency will depend on the type and location of the property. Open houses is a powerful marketing tool to increase property’s exposure. Even if the house does not sell during an open house, chances are that some of the visitors may know someone who is looking for a house in the neighborhood.
  8. Follow up with all the open house visitors to check for interest and prompt them to share information about the house with their family, colleagues, and friends. Contact them again every time there is a change in the asking price to check if they would reconsider the property at the new price.
  9. Contact all the REALTORS that have shown the property every time there is a change in the asking price or property condition. Check if their clients might be interested in reconsidering the property at the new price/condition.
  10. Visit comparable homes in the neighborhood to check the competition. REALTORS should do that on a regular basis to keep abreast of the competition and ensure the house is still priced competitively.
  11. Perform a market analysis at least once a week to ensure the property is still priced competitively. REALTORS should check for recent sales, pending transactions, and active listings.
  12. Market the property online. Recent research shows that most home buyers start their home search process online. REALTORS should have an active online presence. Property should be included in multiple websites and other online tools. REALTORS need to update property information online several times per week to ensure it will show up when potential home buyers search for properties online.
  13. Take multiple photos from all the key features of the property. Those photos should be uploaded to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and all the other websites and marketing material created to promote the property. Research shows that photos are important to generate interest in potential buyers.
  14. Create a virtual tour of the property and post it on YouTube, MLS, REALTOR’s website, etc. Potential buyers are more inclined to visit a property after seeing the virtual tour.

This list should be treated as a starting point. As you interview your future listing agent and discuss his specific marketing plan, make sure you address the above items and any others that you deem relevant.

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Source by Jose Dias

An Overview To PRICE A House Right!

After, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have come to, strongly, believe, in most cases, homeowners, seeking to sell their home, will achieve the finest – possible results, if/ when, they PRICE their house, properly, and with a great degree of thought, and consideration, from – the – start! Each homeowner must decide, what his personal situation, needs, goals, priorities, and reasons, for selling are, and, what he seeks, and feels he needs, and why! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and, why it matters.

1. Priorities; purposes; perceptions; property: Individuals have personal priorities, and their purposes, often, differ, in terms of their reasons, and rationale, for selling, and seeking a specific price! Is one’s perception of the value, based on reality, and market conditions, or simply, emotional, or a misguided – belief? Even, when houses, are somewhat – similar, there may be some unique characteristics, etc, of a particular property, which might, either, make it more, or less, attractive to qualified buyers!

2. Reasoning; region; rooms; renovations; repairs: One must carefully, examine and consider, his reasoning, and reasons, for having certain beliefs, about his home’s value! Consider the specific region, because, much of real estate, is local, in – nature! It’s not only about the rooms, in terms of numbers, etc, but, also, size, layout, and other, intangible characteristics, qualities, and details! How well have renovations, been done, in terms of making the house, more desirable to future owners? Which repairs have been done, need to be, and/ or, may need to be addressed, in the somewhat – near future?

3. Inclusions; improvements: Which inclusions might make a house, attract higher prices, and which, might not? Different renovations, improvements, and upgrades, have far – differing, Returns on Investment (ROI)!

4. Character; clarity; condition; comparative: The best way, in most instances, to determine, a listing price, is, to conduct, a thoroughly – considered, professionally – created, Comparative Market Analysis! This way, one can proceed, with greater clarity, and purpose, and take into consideration, many factors, as well as the overall condition, and character (such as Curb Appeal, etc), of a particular property!

5. Emphasis; excellence: How a house is shown, and where, the emphasis, may be focused, often, determines, first impressions, and, ultimately, the selling price! Wise homeowners carefully, select the best agent, to represent them, and this specific property! Never accept less than excellence, in the service, provided, and offered!

When you choose the agent to represent you, hire, a real estate professional, who will, consistently, tell you, what you need to know, not just what you want to hear (TM). Since, for most, the value of their house, represents their single – biggest, asset value, doesn’t that make sense?

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Source by Richard Brody

Lists of Foreclosed Homes for Sale and How They Can Help You

Investing in the real estate market is not that difficult if you have the patience and perseverance to educate yourself with the process. And it would be doubly easy if you have lists of foreclosed homes for sale.

You see, a foreclosure listing is where you can find prime foreclosure homes at very low prices. No need to browse through the pages of local newspapers or drive from one street to another to find foreclosed home for sale signs.

What You Can Find on Foreclosure Listings:

The lists of foreclosed homes for sale are nothing but lists of cheap foreclosure properties. They contain all types of foreclosures that are available on the market. You can browse through properties that are on the pre-foreclosure stage. These are properties that are already in default but not yet foreclosed. Distressed owners opted to sell their properties to save their credit history rather than wait for lenders to foreclose.

You can also check the lists for properties that are available at foreclosure auctions. If you like the excitement and thrill that bidding at auctions brings, you can check the foreclosure listings for available properties so that you can choose the home that you want to bid on.

Many bank owned properties are also published at listings. Bank owned homes are properties that were not sold at auctions and reverted to banks. Listings will provide you with insights into these foreclosure properties.

What More Can Foreclosure Listings Provide You:

Foreclosure listings are never short of tips and guidelines that can help you become an expert in foreclosure investing in just a short time. A good foreclosure listing provider wants nothing but to make it easy for homebuyers and investors to come up with the right buying decision and choose a good foreclosure deal.

A good listing will also give you tips to prevent you from making mistakes that may result to you losing your investments. For just a minimal fee, you will get access to all these valuable information. So subscribe now and make the lists of foreclosed homes for sale part of your investment strategy.

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Source by Joseph B. Smith

Grayling MI Real Estate – Have Bruised Credit But Want To Buy A Home Or Need to Sell Your Home Now

The Grayling MI real estate listings have much to offer. If you are interested in Grayling Michigan real estate, but you fear that your credit could be a problem, we have some information that may be helpful.

If you are a seller, frustrated with conventional methods available to you, the information provided here will give you something to think about.

A Bit About Grayling

The Grayling Michigan real estate market covers both the city of Grayling and the surrounding township. If you are familiar with the area, you may know that the history of this part of Michigan revolves around logging and fishing. Grayling is the name of a fish that at one time populated the lakes and streams in the area.

When the first Europeans began exploring this area, it was mostly old-growth or „virgin“ forest. Thus, the Grayling Michigan real estate market began with investors purchasing large tracts of land for the valuable pine trees.

It has been said that Grayling is a „living reminder of Michigan as it was before the lumber era.“ Some trees in nearby Hartwick Pines State Park are over 300 years old. Much of the land for the park was donated to the state by one of the original Grayling MI real estate investors. It is now the largest park on the lower peninsula.

A large number of cabins, some with „log-siding“, are included in the Grayling MI real estate classifieds. The Au Sable River, which passes through the city, hosts an annual canoe race and is home to the only paddle wheel river boat operating in northern Michigan.

If the outdoor lover in you wants to buy Grayling Michigan real estate, but you have past credit problems, you should know that owning a home in the city of Grayling or a cabin in the county is a possibility. If you have steady income, can afford the monthly payments and have saved a few thousand dollars, you may qualify for buying a rent to own home.

A lease option (aka rent to own) is a simple agreement which gives a renter the option to buy a property at a later time. The few thousand is called a lease option consideration. A lease option works in the Grayling Michigan real estate market and just about anywhere in the state.

As investors, we can help you find a home in the Grayling MI real estate market (or in another area) that fits your family’s needs and your budget. We can put you in that home on a „rent-to-own“ basis until you are able to get financing.

If you already own Grayling Michigan real estate and you need to sell quickly, we may be able to buy your property. Thousands of properties in Michigan have ended up in foreclosure.

The current economy has caused problems for many people. Sometimes it becomes impossible to make the payments and sometimes moving is the only option. But, if you need to sell quickly or you have been trying to sell Grayling MI real estate without success, real estate investors may be able to assist you.

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Source by Dan Ho

How To Make A Profit With A Short Sale Foreclosure

A short sale foreclosure is a ripe investment opportunity for people planning to jumpstart their real estate business. By buying low and selling high, hefty profits can be had by just about anyone, even those with limited capital.

Such a sale is entered into by homeowners who are encumbered by financial obligations with banks. They do this to avoid having their properties foreclosed by lenders to cover their dues. Homeowners, in particular, may opt to sell their properties to other buyers at a lower price that can be agreed upon with banks. Because banks would rather have their assets liquid to sustain their financing business, they are open to such propositions. It also helps that there are thousands of distressed properties in banks‘ portfolios they would so gladly dispose at consumer-friendly prices.

Take advantage of short sales to earn a buck

This presents a wonderful opportunity to people planning to make a profit from real estate properties across all major cities and states in the country. Since they can buy a cheap property through a short sale foreclosure, they can easily command a hefty markup with their investment via a number of means.

How to make a profit with short sale foreclosures

The most popular of which is using the savings they generate from such transactions to improve the aesthetics or functionality of such homes to suit a wider market. Other, on the other hand, would rather fix the properties themselves to further protect their potential margins. Another way to earn from buying homes from these foreclosure sales is to rent them out. This business proposition goes particularly well in places where there are academic institutions or foreign establishments whose communities are always in the lookout for temporary housing.

People could also generate earnings with the help of a short sale foreclosure in the long term by waiting for property prices to increase before selling their acquisitions. Although this may be quite speculative, others are still attracted to such investment tactics because of the huge earnings potential as property prices can skyrocket as fast as they can plunge.

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Source by Joseph B. Smith

How Can Realtors Help Find Your First Home?

Most people don’t realize it but curb appeal is so important when selling a home. Think about it, are you more inclined to buy a run-down beat up old house that you have to put tons of time and effort in to getting it running again? Wouldn’t you rather buy a beautiful home you were excited about and could already see yourself living in?

Generally speaking it is a good idea to have a polished house ready for showing. If you have to paint it, do so. People are more attracted to buying newer things that are already in good condition to eliminate the work for them. This relates to many different areas of the house, but the exterior of the house is most important because it is the first impression your potential buyers are going to have of the property.

Also it is a good idea to have your lawn mowed and your landscape finished. This is going to create more appeal because it will bring your property to life and make it look more put together. You will be able to give them imagery of what it will be like. This creates opportunity for conversation to get to know the potential buyers and have them get to know you.

It is important to have a well maintained driveway because that is one of the things that frames your house. Your house can look years younger if your driveway is in good shape. It is also one of the first things they see when they arrive at their showing. Anyone appreciates a new waxed walk way or pressure washed driveway.

Driving up to a house even if it isn’t the best house in the world will profit majorly just from the condition it is in and showing the potential buyers it is worthy of their residency.

All of these things are going to help your house sell for more money than it would without curb appeal. The better it looks, the more eye-catching it is going to be. The more eye-catching it is, the more people are going to be attracted to it. The more attracted to it people are, the more interest there will be for people to buy it. And the more interest there is, the faster it will sell.

Curb appeal is majorly important in selling a home not only to show that the house is worthy of being kept in good condition, but also to be selling something that has quality and can hold value.

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Source by Mark Middleton

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