Expired Listing Letter Writing Technique

The Problem: Most expired listing letters sound too stuffy, too professional, too much like a loud and cheap radio commercial. They say the same thing without any personality. No wonder they don’t work for most real estate agents.

The Alternative: Write your own expired listing letter. But it may be a little intimidating to come up with a fresh, interesting letter that would get the seller’s attention and persuade them to call.

The solution: Here is a method that has helped me come up with some compelling writing. I use a small Sony digital recorder, but a mike and a computer would do just fine. First I come up with a list of seller’s questions I’d like to address in the letter. Here is an example:

  • What are the tree biggest problems most sellers face?
  • How can I solve those problems?
  • What makes me a unique and different real estate agent?
  • Why should home owners list their home with me?
  • Why should they believe me?

I think about the questions a bit, maybe jot down an idea or two on how to answer them. Then I turn on the recorder and pretend I have a pleasant conversation with a nice home owner on the porch of their house. I answer each question in a few sentences. No stopping, no editing, I just let the ideas flow.

Next, I listen to the recording and write down ideas and thoughts that stand out; first in just a skeleton outline, then in a letter form. Then I take a break, get a cup of tea, and let it go for a while.

There is no great writing, only great rewriting. My final step is to go over the text, rework what doesn’t make sense, polish some ideas, discard others, change and edit. Does the letter flow? Does it make sense? Is it interesting? Is it compelling? Would I call if I was selling my house?

Many times I end up with material for more than one letter. Try this method and you’ll discover that your expired letter is better than 99% of the recycled „professional“ sales letters out there. After just a little practice you can be writing great letters, and most importantly, taking more expired listings.

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Source by Borino Slivka

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