Advertising an Apartment For Rent on Craigslist Can Explode Your Leads

Advertising an apartment for rent has never been so easy. If you own residential investment properties or you manage properties, Craigslist should be your number one destination.

If you keep your rental properties occupied, they can give you some much needed additional cashflow that can definitely be put to good use.

When a tenant in one of your apartments gives you their thirty day notice to vacate, you should immediately post a classified ad for your apartment for rent on Craigslist.

Within hours you will start receiving dozens of phone calls from renters who had seen your ad on Craigslist. Make sure you maintain a list of their names, phone numbers, what they are looking for, and how much they want to spend.

After a few days of your ad being on Craigslist you will have more phone calls and leads for your apartment than you could imagine. Prepare yourself for the influx of new and qualified leads for your apartment or house for rent.

Whatever you do, don’t show the apartment until it has been completely cleaned and turned-over. You will have numerous showings lined up to view and examine your apartment.

The rental process can be daunting for new landlords so don’t get irritated by the phone ringing off of the hook. You will be amazed at the inconvenient hours that some renters will call you.

Avoid getting an attitude with someone about your apartment or house for rent even if they call after midnight. They may seem insensitive, but they are looking for a place to live and that is a very important and critical decision.

Once you have plenty of leads and some legitimate applicants, don’t remove your apartment for rent ad from Craigslist. You may be tempted to start cutting your advertising efforts, but don’t stop advertising until you have a signed lease in your hand.

You may not believe that an apartment or house for rent can be so much in demand. But with Craigslist you will get an overflow of quality rental leads if you create and post your ad correctly.

When you start showing your apartment, you will be struck at the diversity of people that you show the apartment. You would now need to weed through the unqualified prospects and focus in on those applicants who meet your resident criteria.

Some prospects will have no references, no job, no rental history, no credit, and no deposit. You will get all kinds of stories and excuses, but it’s important that you stick with your criteria of a desirable tenant.

Once again, don’t take down your Craigslist advertisement for your apartment or house for rent until you have a signed lease. After showing your apartment, you should have narrowed down your applicant pool to a qualified few.

Now that you have reaped the benefits of advertising an apartment for rent Craigslist, you have an excellent pool of qualified applicants to choose from.

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