How Can Realtors Help Find Your First Home?

Most people don’t realize it but curb appeal is so important when selling a home. Think about it, are you more inclined to buy a run-down beat up old house that you have to put tons of time and effort in to getting it running again? Wouldn’t you rather buy a beautiful home you were excited about and could already see yourself living in?

Generally speaking it is a good idea to have a polished house ready for showing. If you have to paint it, do so. People are more attracted to buying newer things that are already in good condition to eliminate the work for them. This relates to many different areas of the house, but the exterior of the house is most important because it is the first impression your potential buyers are going to have of the property.

Also it is a good idea to have your lawn mowed and your landscape finished. This is going to create more appeal because it will bring your property to life and make it look more put together. You will be able to give them imagery of what it will be like. This creates opportunity for conversation to get to know the potential buyers and have them get to know you.

It is important to have a well maintained driveway because that is one of the things that frames your house. Your house can look years younger if your driveway is in good shape. It is also one of the first things they see when they arrive at their showing. Anyone appreciates a new waxed walk way or pressure washed driveway.

Driving up to a house even if it isn’t the best house in the world will profit majorly just from the condition it is in and showing the potential buyers it is worthy of their residency.

All of these things are going to help your house sell for more money than it would without curb appeal. The better it looks, the more eye-catching it is going to be. The more eye-catching it is, the more people are going to be attracted to it. The more attracted to it people are, the more interest there will be for people to buy it. And the more interest there is, the faster it will sell.

Curb appeal is majorly important in selling a home not only to show that the house is worthy of being kept in good condition, but also to be selling something that has quality and can hold value.

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What Kind of Material Should I Use For My Real Estate Sign?

Your real estate signs represent an opportunity. They are your biggest advertisement and your first impression toward potential clients. It’s important to choose the right sign material if you want your sign to be as effective as you are.

What makes a real estate sign effective?

For starters, you want a real estate sign that will last a long time. You probably want to reuse your signs as many times as possible. So you definitely want a durable material. You also want your sign to last in the harsh weather such as snow, rain and even extreme heat. A resistant material is certainly important. Longevity is also key. How long will your sign look shiny and new? You don’t want a sign that fades easily. You’re also going to be traveling with your real estate signage, carrying it from house to house. A lightweight material makes it portable.

How am I going to find all that?

You already have! There are two sign materials in particular that we recommend for real estate signage. Just choose the one that fits your needs best.


Aluminum is the most popular sign material when it comes to real estate, and for good reason. Because aluminum is strong, it makes for a super durable sign. You won’t need to replace it after a few uses. Aluminum is also weather resistant, holding up well to harsh conditions.

If you’re looking for a sign with high longevity, you’ve found it. And while most companies offer only an economy grade finish on aluminum, we offer a high grade finish, which extends the life your sign by years. By opting for the high grade finish, you maximize the value of your sign. It will still look fresh and new over time, which ultimately means thousands more views and possibly hundreds of more sales – without having to buy a whole new sign.

Aluminum is also extremely lightweight, which means you don’t have to struggle with lugging your real estate signage all over town.


If you’re looking for an extremely lightweight sign for temporary use, coroplast will get the job done. But because it is less sturdy than aluminum and doesn’t last nearly as long, we recommend coroplast signs for temporary use only. For example, they are a favorite for campaign signage.

Most likely, you’ve chosen aluminum

Obviously, aluminum is perfect for your real estate sign because it will last a long time, allowing you to use it again and again. Plus, its weight makes it easy to travel with.

If you have any questions – about material, design, or anything else – please contact our sign specialists. We’re always here to help!

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Buyer Beware – Signs Of A Professional Realtor As Buyer Agent

How can you tell if your Buyer Agent is providing a high level of representation? What should you expect from the Realtor® you hire to represent you in the purchase process?

First you need to know that unfortunately, not every real estate agent understands the responsibilities of a buyer agent and perhaps not even obeys the local and state laws under which they practice. The role of a buyer agent did not even exist several years ago but that is no excuse for any licensed real estate agent today to claim negligence as it is their duty to understand and practice in accordance with all local, state and federal real estate laws to maintain their license to practice.

Buyer Beware: Who Is A Buyer Agent?

A Buyer Agent represents the best interests of the buyer, not the seller. In some states, like the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, it is mandatory that every real estate agent explain to home buyers or home sellers the types of agency relationships available and the right of buyers to work with a buyer agent who will represent their best interests. Not only is it required to explain agency relationships; but the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that consumers sign the Massachusetts Mandatory Licensee-Consumer Relationship Disclosure form upon the first meeting before discussing any specific property with a buyer or seller.

Not all states require a mandatory agency disclosure during the first meeting and according to the National Association of Realtors® 2007 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers; only 30% of all buyers profiled signed an agency disclosure statement during the first meeting with a real estate agent.

The percentage is staggering because it means that 70% of buyers surveyed did not sign an agency disclosure statement during the first meeting or discussion to understand how the real estate agent was working with them and who the agent was representing in the transaction.

In addition, 68% of all buyers profiled reported that they interviewed ONLY ONE real estate agent to act as their buyer agent.

The choice is yours to make as consumer protection laws provide increasing protection for home buyers. Check local and state laws before you meet with a Realtor® or real estate agent to ensure you understand their responsibilities under the law.

If they do not meet these requirements during the first discussion or meeting, then the message is clear. Find a Realtor® who will act according to all agency relationship laws to ensure they will protect your best interests – beginning with the very first meeting.

Even if your state does not require an agency disclosure by law – ask for it! Purchasing a home may be the single most expensive purchase you make in your lifetime…protect your best interests and set your standards of practice and service before you hire a Realtor® to represent you and your best interests.

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Can I Buy My House Back After It Has Been Foreclosed?

Foreclosure is never a pleasant experience, so it is important to be aware of where you stand once your property has been foreclosed. Once the proceedings have been put in place, you will have a limited amount of time to catch up on your mortgage payments before your lender accelerates the payments to the point where they will accept nothing less than full payment if you intend to keep the property. The amount of time you have for this will differ depending on the loan provider, but it will usually be no more than a couple of months.

If you are unable to meet these conditions in the timeframe provided, hope is not necessarily lost. There are a number of things you can do to try to maintain possession of the property, particularly if you have maintained a right to redemption on the property.

Your Rights

It is important to note that not every home is eligible for redemption, so it is important to find out if you even have the right before trying to exercise it.

To be eligible, your home will need to have been seized via a judicial foreclose order, in which the lender files a foreclosure suit in court. This process usually takes longer than other types of foreclosure, often lasting up to a year before the lender has undisputed control of the property. This offers you a timeframe in which you can try to buy back the home before it goes to auction.


As mentioned, a judicial foreclosure will often take a year to complete, which usually means that you have about that amount of time to raise the required funds to buy back your home. However, this is not guaranteed and there will be cases where you have far less time to achieve the same outcome.

This is particularly the case if the loan company brings the house to auction quickly and a buyer is found who will pay the full asking price for the property. In these cases you will only have about three months to match the offer ad buy the home back. After this period has passed you lose the right to buy your home.

The Price

The price you will pay to redeem your home is not necessarily going to be the amount that you owed to the lender at the time of foreclosure. In fact, you will often find that you end up paying more to buy the property than you would if you had just maintained the mortgage payments.

In most cases the amount you pay is going to be equal to the amount the lender would ask for if the property was placed in an auction, plus any associated interest charges. Furthermore, you will usually be asked to pay the owner for any repair work undertaken in addition to taxes and insurance for the period in which they owned the home. Furthermore, you will also be required to pay any subordinate liens attached to the property before you can buy back your home.

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Real Estate Investing Advice For Getting Rich

For those of you who own investment real estate and have been dubbed „Landlord“, I share with you the absolute worst case scenario of Buy & Hold real estate investing if you’ve bought properties with good margins. Note: although I live in Houston Texas and wholesale great Houston investment properties, most of my real estate holdings are in my hometown of Columbus Ohio. If you are interested in more info on either location, I can help you out.

Last year I changed property managers because the previous manager just wasn’t cutting it. The new manager came in, collected some late rents, and kicked out a couple of tenants that needed to go. Out of my 18 investment properties that I am keeping to build long term wealth for myself, 11 of them were occupied, and 2 of those have slow paying tenants. For the first three months after they took over I had $1,000 more in expenses than I did income due to all of those vacant houses. I didn’t have a job (Just Over Broke), and I do like to eat something other than instant noodles.

So, how did I survive? Well, it’s quite simple; I had a cash reserve built up from the previous months and years of investing just in case the „worst case scenario“ of a bunch of units being vacant all at once happened. My cash reserve is enough to cover all expenses on all of my units for 3 months, and my own personal living expenses. Without this, I would have been exactly where a lot of other less educated investors were; in foreclosure.

Having a good cash reserve is paramount to your Buy & Hold real estate investing success. Without it, a couple of bad months can wipe you out…and don’t expect the federal government to come in with a $700 billion bailout for you. You will be just another bad real estate investing story.

We’re all in this together!


P.S. Even though my actual cash flow was negative by about a grand per month for 3 months, I still made a small profit since more than a grand of principal was being paid down on my mortgages. My property manager found tenants for 2 of my houses that moved in on the 1st of the following month, and filled a couple more of my properties the month after. Once all the units were filled again, cash flow was around $3,000 per month on the positive side after all expenses.

P.P.S. When bought at the right price with the right terms, even the worst market and economy can’t stop you from succeeding as a Buy & Hold real estate investor.

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Source by Matthew N Miller

List FSBO’s With Real Estate Letters That Offer Good Advice

Trying to list FSBO’s? Here’s what your marketing needs to stress.

You know why home sellers are trying to sell without your help. They think they’re going to save a lot of money. And to be absolutely honest, those who know what they’re doing, have nerves of steel, and who don’t need to go to a job every day can come close to doing what you can do.

As for the rest of them… your marketing needs to gently point out that they simply don’t know what they’re getting into!

No, you can’t say that. Making a would-be client look or feel foolish is definitely not the way to earn their business. So you need to be gentle in your presentation.

You need to offer some help in the form of tips, or perhaps clue them in about the various disclosure forms they’ll need. You might offer some advice about how to steel themselves against the insults they’ll hear as buyers try to push the price downward. (I used to laugh to myself about the comments buyers made to me. Sometimes I wanted to ask why they wanted to buy the house since they hated it so much.)

And of course, you need to remind them that buyers will try to point out that they’re not paying a Realtor so naturally they can sell the house for less.

Before embarking on do-it-yourself home selling, homeowners should ask themselves:

• Do I know how to determine their home’s value in today’s market?

• Am willing to work with and pay a buyer’s agent?

• Do I know how to market my home and get it in front of enough buyers?

• Can I deal in a civil manner with people who severely criticize my home?

• Am I willing to demand that buyers reveal their financial situation before I take my home off the market to negotiate with them?

You should touch on all these points when you’re talking with FSBO sellers, and you can incorporate them into a special report or a series of real estate letters to mail to them. If you enjoy writing and have a few extra hours you can create letters that are uniquely yours.

If you don’t enjoy writing or don’t have extra hours, you can buy pre-written real estate letters and just get busy sending them.

Either way, real estate letters written in this manner are a soft-sell technique that will position you as a non-pushy, non-threatening agent who knows how to sell homes. With each letter you’ll become more of a trusted adviser, so that when they do decide they need help they’ll naturally turn to you.

But how do you first contact these people?

One way is to offer the special report on your website. Visitors opt in to get the report and their addresses are automatically entered into your auto responder to receive the letters.

You could write down addresses and try to locate the names to go with them, or (Please, no!) write to Dear Homeowner. I personally think you should use an opt-in on your site even if you take the hands-on approach… which is to get out there and meet the people.

I know – that can be a little bit scary. But if you decide what you’re going to say ahead of time, and practice it, it will get easier.

Write a script that sounds natural to you. Something along the lines of „Hi, my name is Sally Jones from ABC Realty. I see you’re offering your home for sale by owner and I stopped by to ask if you were willing to let buyer agents show it to their customers.“

If you say it all at once, they won’t have a chance to say „I’m not listing“ and slam the door on you.

Some of them may not have thought about the fact that some buyers want agent representation, so at this point you may need to explain the procedure. If you have a buyer list you mail to, you could mention it. If you use a one-time / one-party listing agreement, do mention that as well.

If they say yes, they’re willing to work with buyer’s agents, do ask for a tour and do take notes. You could even snap a picture to go with the notes.

The important thing is that you don’t ask for the listing at that time. (Not unless they throw themselves at your feet and beg you to take over this horrible job they got themselves into. In that case you must be a good samaritan and help them. )

If they say they don’t want to work with buyer agents, be polite and friendly and say „OK, I’ll let the others in my office know so they won’t bother you.“ You might also throw in something complimentary about the house and tell them that if they change their minds to let you know, because you’d sure like to show it. Give them your card, of course.

Before you leave, tell them that you have a special report with tips for owner-sellers and you’d like to send it to them. That gives you the opportunity to ask for their names. You probably should also ask if the house address is their mailing address, since some people do prefer post office boxes to home delivery. Mail the special report as soon as you get back to the office, and enclose a nice little handwritten note thanking them for talking with you. If you can come up with something more personal to add, do it. For instance, if they were about to leave for a child’s soccer game, say you hope their team won. That’s just to show that to you they are more than just a house address – you noticed who they really are.

Be sure to enclose another card just in case they tossed the first one the minute you left.

Then, every few days send along a new real estate letter with a new bit of advice that will be useful to them. Do end each letter with an offer to help should they decide against doing this on their own.

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Homes For Sale – A Crash Course In Finding a New Residence

The internet has opened up a whole new world when it comes to searching for homes for sale. You’re no longer dependent on one realtor for all your home-buying needs. While a great real estate agent will still be your best ally as you move forward, there’s a lot you can do on your own before hiring one. Here’s a crash course in what research to do ahead of time.

The main things to determine are financing, location, and type of property. Before immediately deciding on any of these three items, take a step back and do some research first before making up your mind. You’re theoretically going to be living in your new property for a number of years, so why not take a week or two to get your priorities in order?


If you haven’t set a budget, now’s the time to be honest with yourself. Go online and use one of the many excellent mortgage calculators to determine a realistic budget. If you’re only paying $700 a month for rent currently, even though your income may qualify for a $1400 mortgage payment, think carefully before committing to that kind of increase in monthly overhead. If you’re determined to get the most house you qualify for however, at least use the old trick of setting aside the amount of money you’ll be paying for a mortgage for at least three months to see if you can live with it. You have nothing to lose, and at the end of three months, you’ll have a bit more of a down payment. More importantly, you’ll have a much better idea of the monthly payment you’re comfortable committing to.

So now that you have a budget in mind, call your bank and make an appointment to meet with a mortgage counselor. If you can get pre-approved, you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes time to make an offer on a property.


Before you call your broker, now do a little web-surfing to see what homes for sale exist in the area you’re considering. If you don’t see exactly what you like, broaden your search to include nearby areas or even different types of properties. Don’t limit your search too narrowly at first, check out at least three or four different areas of the city you’re interested in.

In the leisure of your own house, you can browse through listings with pictures, descriptions, even maps of the areas. Most online listings nowadays have a wealth of information about the neighborhood, so check out things like schools, public transportation, restaurants, and other living amenities.

Type of Property

It’s almost time to pick up the phone, but not just yet. Just because you thought you wanted a townhouse doesn’t mean you should rule out condos, or even single-family homes. Just like shoe-shopping, why not try on a bunch of random ones before committing? Look at every type of homes for sale listing so you can see how far your money goes in the area you’ve chosen. Honestly imagine yourself living in each place. Now, once you’ve narrowed it down to a price range, location, and type of property, you can call your realtor and give them your shopping list.

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Why Use a Realtor When Buying Or Selling a Home?

Allison was looking to buy a condo. She found one that she really wanted. The seller would provide owner financing. He said she could get the best deal if she did not use a real estate agent. Allison really wanted it and they signed a contract. She completed the down payment, and closed on the condo. Everything was going well. But about 2 years later she was notified of a lay off from her job. Allison immediately made the seller aware of the situation. Then was absolutely shocked when he said she could lose the condo to him once her payments reached 30 days behind. What Allison did not realize is that the contract she signed to purchase the condo was a land contract which does not transfer legal title to her until the full sale price amount is paid.

Marc and June were looking for a bigger and saw one June really wanted. However they need to sell their current home first. They made a decision to not use a realtor. After 3 months their house was still up for sale with no offers. The totals of the cost from newspaper ads, and keeping the house up on a very popular home website was really starting to add up. Also adding to this, they were taking a hit in their pay every time one of them had to leave work, to show the home. Then the house June wanted was sold. That really discouraged her. She did not want to keep trying to sell, and would cut the lost. They took the house off everything. They may try to sell again later.

Scenarios like these happen all the time each year in the U.S. These stories are the reason for this article. The objective of this information is to give an overview of the many advantages and benefits of using a real estate professional when buying, or selling a home.

Right from the start… it would be dishonest if we did not say that lots of people do successfully buy a home, or sell their home without a real estate agent. However the statistics are pretty clear that the overwhelming majority are not successful. Added to this, feedback statistics indicate people really regret not being represented by a realtor.

In the case of Allison… the bottom line is any brand new agent, just out of real estate school, would have immediately seen this was a land contract. There is nothing illegal about it, and it gives the buyer all of the rights of ownership except the most important one which is legal title. And a realtor would have quickly notice the extremely severe late payment penalty. Any agent would have cautioned Allison, of not begged Allison, to really think about whether or not this would be a good deal for her.

In Marc and June’s case… They would not have spent a cent on advertising. They would not have needed to take time away from work. They would not have to deal with showing the home. And though no one can make absolute guarantees, they would have had a way better chance of quickly selling their home. They would have gotten that house June wanted.

Selling, or buying, a house is an extremely big money investment. It is ranked as one of the biggest events in life. The experience, knowledge, and expertise of a real estate agent are a valuable asset.

FOR HOME BUYERS: A significant reason why many avoid realtors is that most sales related jobs have negative stereotypes. From car salesmen, to insurance sales, to the lady behind the fragrance counter in a department store. Many sales men & women are thought of as rude, pushy, overbearing, untruthful, will pressure you, will say anything to get a commission, etc.

But realtors are not just salespeople. They are independent agents, working for the home buyer, acting on their behalf as their representative providing assistance with the home purchase. Real estate agents do not sell the home. The home owner is the person selling it.

Real estate agents are advocates, consultants, representatives, advisers, mediators, social workers, guidance counselors, credit repair specialist, or anything that a home buyer needs to accomplish their goal of owning a home. The real estate agent will literally take you by the hand, and lead you from beginning, to closing, if necessary.

These are just a few of the benefits of using a real estate agent when buying a home:

* MARKET KNOWLEDGE: Realtors will answer all questions about the current market, prices, interest rates and other home buying concerns. The agent can also refer you to other specialists who are necessary, including a home inspector or a lender

* AVAILABLE HOMES: Agents use the Real Estate Information Network (REIN) also still known as the MLS. It is a database that contains every single house listed for sale. It is still the source for the most current and reliable information on listed homes. All the other popular home websites is either directly, or indirectly, receiving their data from this source. Internet searches, open houses, and newspaper ads just will not have all of the homes that are for sale.

* FINANCING THE HOME: There has to be a plan on out how are you going to pay for the house! The realtor helps you determine what you can afford. A real estate agent can advise you on home loan programs, and sources for down payments you otherwise could not have known about. And educate on how to qualify for purchasing a home. Realtors can recommend home mortgage companies or banks, and work with loan companies on your behalf throughout the entire process.

* VIEWING HOMES: Real estate professionals have the expertise to assist you in narrowing your home search. Seeking only on the homes that match your features, interest, and price range. This can be an invaluable time saver by eliminated homes that do not meet your criteria. The realtor is the source of important information about the home and the neighborhood itself: how long the home has been for sale, the school system, and the home’s best features and so on. Rather than going through properties of all types, your agent can help you focus on the homes that match what you are specifically looking for.

* CONTRACTS & NEGOTIATIONS: You and the realtor have been working together and you found the home you want… now what? Your realtor will now help you in making a written offer of purchase. They will explain each paragraph in the offer to you. Nest they will present your offer to the seller, and negotiate as your advocate. They help you determine exactly what to offer, not only the amount but also in other important factors. Such as contingencies, various inspections, appliances, seller’s assistance with required closing costs, and other very important issues.

* FINANLIZING THE SALE: After everyone agrees to the contract and it is accepted, there is still a lot of work to do. Your agent continues to help you through this process. The realtor makes sure the necessary steps are taken, such as finalizing the loan, appraisals, home inspections, moisture inspections, termite inspections, performing a title search, final walk through, deed preparation, closing, etc

FOR HOME SELLERS: When it comes to home sellers the reasons why avoid realtors is fairly simple. They believe they will benefit from not having to pay the commission.

However there is also the simple reality that every seller has a target, or a net amount, they want to reach on the sale of their home and leave closing with. An experienced real estate agent can show how you can achieve this goal, and, leave from the closing with your net amount, even with the commission calculated in.

If you have a consultation with a realtor who then shows you how you can accomplish your goal… would it not make sense to use them?

Every year in the country, over 80% of all homes are sold with the assistance of a real estate professional. Even people that start out attempting to sell on their own eventually turn to a real estate professional. They learn that they need the realtor’s knowledge, experience, and expertise.

These are just some of the benefits of using a real estate agent when selling a home:

* PRICING: On the free consultation meeting, the first thing a realtor does is to present a competitive market analysis (CMA). The CMA is based on recent homes that have sold in your area that are similar to your home, and current market trends. A CMA is completed with data which only a realtor, or appraiser, have access to. This is the basis for the correct recommended asking price. The correct price right is crucial in home sales. A too high price will drive buyers away. Your property will then sit unsold. In addition, when it comes to price, the statistics are clear that sellers who list with a realtor receive on average 20% more for their homes than for sale by owners.

* NIEGHBORHOOD KNOWLEDGE: Regardless of all the daily headlines, and national news that you hear, real estate is a very much a local business. Perspective buyers will know your local housing market, especially if they are working with a realtor. Which means it is important that you also know your local residential market. A realtor that lives, and works, in your area will know your local market. Real estate agents always have access to the most current data, for each neighborhood. These are the things buyer’s care about: property taxes, schools, zoning laws, demographics, proposed projects which may affect your neighborhood, noise levels, shopping, environmental factors, and more. For the home seller, these things are equally significant, because they will affect value, and the marketability, of your home. It is part of what the real estate professional will assist you with.

* MARKETING: Today selling a home will simply take more than putting a For Sale sign in the front yard and taking out an ad in the newspaper. In addition to the CMA, the real estate agent will present sellers with a marketing and advertising plan. It will describe step-by-step what they will do to sell your home. It is important to point out here that marketing and advertising expenses can quickly add up. Depending on the advertising plan, and the home, the totals could easily add up the hundreds and thousands. But it is the real estate company that pays this expense when you list with them. Even if the home does not sell, or you need to remove the home from the market, you still will not be responsible for any advertising cost. The realtor’s advertising plan can include coordinating open houses, or writing and placing ads in various media. This could be print, TV advertising, radio commercials, internet websites, distributing brochures, and more. And of course, there is presenting your house to possible buyers.

* MLS and REALTOR CONTACTS: Despite the fact that here have been an explosion of numerous homes websites out there, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), also known as Real Estate Information Network (REIN) still is the ultimate source for accurate and current information on every listed home that is currently for sale. Actually, all of those websites obtain their data either directly, or indirectly, from the MLS. Real estate professionals are the only ones that have access to the MLS. This is also the method used to advertise to other real estate agents who have buyer clients. The moment a home is listed, the information about it can be accessed by all the agents in the area and matched to their buyers. There is a viral effect which means that your home is not just being promoted by your realtor… your home is being seen by every real estate agent in that MLS network. Your realtor may also conduct an open house just for other real estate agents. Then, these realtors recommend your home to their buyers. Studies by the National Association of REALTORS documents that 82% of homes are sold through an agent’s contacts.

* EFFICIENCY: Time is a extremely valuable commodity. Real estate agent do not waste precious time showing your house to just anybody who responds to the ad. Any perspective buyers are screened to ensure they are actually capable of buying your home. Realtors weed out, and eliminate, those are not in a position to purchase your home and would clearly be a waste of time. The other agents in the MLS network working with their buyers will also benefit the seller also, by only showing the house to qualified buyers.

* NEGOTIATIONS: Locating a buyer is only the end of the marketing phase. Now the process advances to the next phase where the seller and the buyer must agree to price, terms, and many contingencies. The realtor will help you draft the written contracts and counter offers. They know the additional legal documents that may be required in your state. Your agent can also advise you on what stipulations you should make in the contract — items that should remain in the house at closing, for example.

* ONGOING ASSISTANCE UNTIL CLOSING: It also does not end after a contract is signed. Once an offer has been accepted everything progresses to another phase, here the buyer’s financing will need to be finalized. The real estate agent coordinates the home inspection, appraisal, moisture inspections, termite inspections, a title search, a real estate lawyer, preparation of the deed, as well as ensures that all repairs and stipulations in the contract are complete. Also each individual mortgage company or other lending institution may require a variety of different things before they give final loan approval to a buyer.

After all been scheduled, coordinated, and completed, the day of closing finally arrives. The real estate agent then makes sure that is accomplished correctly. You will only have to review the documents and sign the deed. It is not even a requirement for you to be at closing.

This article was an overview of the many benefits to having a realtor represent you. We hope this information has been a benefit to you, and has answered some questions.

As stated earlier… there is much more to selling a home then putting a sign in the yard and running a newspaper ad. And… there is much more to buying a home then internet searches and riding around looking for For Sale signs.

Real estate agents do exist for a reason. A home transaction involve one of the biggest financial investments most people will ever make in their lives. And the consequences, if not done correctly, can last a lifetime.

If the commission really is the issue. Then you show know that the majority of home sellers are able to accomplish their financial goals even with the commission computed in numbers. And, in the overwhelming majority of home purchases, the commission does not come from the buyer. This means there really is no reason for a home buyer to not use a real estate agent. Especially the first time home buyer.

Everyday, Realtors helps buyers and sellers, save time, prevent problems, and avoid the mistakes that could cost thousands.

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Tips on How to Buy Repossessed Motorcycles

There are many benefits you will get if you buy repossessed motorcycles. One of the benefits is the awesome price you will get if you are able to get a great bargain with it. These repossessed motorcycles offer you the opportunity to drive your own bike at much lesser price than purchasing them as brand new.

Most often, these motorcycles were sold because previous owners were not able to meet their monthly repayment on their loans to get these motorcycles. Consequently, they were seized by the financing company and sold at auction houses to the highest bidder in order to recover their investments made.

As prospect buyers, you have the opportunity to get to own one of the repossessed motorcycles offered with lower minimum bids as sellers need to immediately convert them into cash in order to reinvest in other important and more profitable ventures for them.

Hence, when you buy these motorcycles, you need to inspect the unit first before placing a bid on it. This will ensure that the repossessed motorcycle you are bidding is in good condition; otherwise, you might end up with additional cost on repairs which may add up to higher price in the long run.

One disadvantage if you buy repossessed motorcycles at auction houses is that you can not make a test drive on it. Hence, you should know how to do ocular inspection of the unit and detect any problems with it. You may also ask an expert on motorcycles to do that for you.

Another thing you should do is to browse through other units as well in order to get real bargain on your purchase. Get at least 3 motorcycles to focus your bid on. Set you maximum price to bid and never go beyond that; otherwise you might in price war with another bidder that will make the unit become expensive in the end.

If you want to buy repossessed motorcycles, do your research and ask for advice from experts if necessary. Doing your homework will help you get real bargain for the purchase of your dream bike.

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Home Selling – FSBO – The Most Important Things to Keep in Mind When Selling a Home by Yourself

Selling a home the FSBO way is like many other projects you might undertake in life. You must have a plan, you must know what you’re getting into, and you must have the right mind-set.

FSBO Mind-Set

Your mind-set must be the following:

  1. have a positive attitude,
  2. do not expect it to be easy, and
  3. commit to teaching yourself everything you need to know about selling a home.

The positive attitude is needed because inevitably you will a few setbacks and things will not move as quickly as you hope. If you have a marketing plan it can take time to go into effect and you can’t quit or give up early.

Your expectations must be realistic as far as how much effort it will take, how much time it will take, and how much money it might cost you. Be sure to reach out to others to help you when you feel overwhelmed. No matter what issue you are facing there are people out there to help you.

Your FSBO Plan

When creating your plan, you will be able to both read about it and also talk to people whose knowledge and expertise you respect. Your plan should have several parts:

  1. a plan for getting the property ready (repairs, cleaning, sprucing up)
  2. a plan for marketing the property, which means getting information about your home out to as many potential buyers as possible, including the internet, advertising and other means.
  3. a plan for dealing with paperwork (such as offers and sales contracts) and also with government legal requirements. Here you can rely on a real estate attorney who can guide you to others if necessary.

The FSBO Process

If you’ve sold any other property in the past, you should know what the process entails and what you’re getting into. If you have questions, ask your attorney or someone in your county government who deals with real estate transactions. You probably have a friend or relative who is a Realtor and who you could talk to.

The process of selling a home on your own is not overwhelming. You can do it. In fact, if you get someone to help you with key things, like an internet marketing strategy, you may actually be better off doing it yourself.

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